Prevent the gstatic calls to download draco decoder to make an offline app

Headline says it all :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can customize the draco path using an attribute on the web component. I’ll check in a second

try settings <needle-engine dracoDecoderPath="" ktx2DecoderPath="path">

@Podden did this work for you?

If I but my local draco folder in there, it tries to load another file named “draco_wasm_wrapper.js”, which is not there
<needle-engine dracoDecoderPath="./include/draco/" ktx2DecoderPath="./include/ktx2/"></needle-engine>

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the file it loads without the local path is named “draco_decoder.js”

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I believe draco is more than one file. You’ll have to make sure all the required files are there.

In a minimal case it is probably only draco_wasm_wrapper.js and draco_decoder.wasm -
there’s a bunch more here but I believe these aren’t actually required.