Portal Problem Again ;( (URP Stencil Setting)

Sry, I always bring portal problem here.
So this time, I used a model created with LumaAI into GLTF (img.1), and it works fine in Unity with portal settings (img.2)
And once I use it in Needle, I get a strange new thing that my masked object will be visible in partial, broken where it should be invisible. (img.3)

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Is your asset using multimaterials? e.g. a renderer with multiple materials?

Yes, but I have tried to combine materials into one through Blender. :PandaSad:

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I’m also wondering what’s needle’s stencil implementation? Is it three.js’s stencil setting?

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It translates to threejs stencil settings yes

multimat stencils in the next version @ROBYER1 @VRSpatialist


Wooo! Fantastic for portals to see complex objects :smile:

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was as simple as making it a loop :smile: