Playable Director 'Everywhere Action'?

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Is it possible to have an ‘Everywhere Action’ for ‘Play/Start Playable Director on Click’… and if so, would it work on iOS via Quicklook?

Cheeeeeeeeeeers in advance for any help and advice.

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Hey there!
Currently you’ll have to use “Play Animation on Click” and select an Animator with a specific clip. What you can do is bake a timeline into a regular clip (either with a GltfRecorderTrack or with Unity’s animation recorder) and then use that

Oooooo, right. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a go :grin::+1:

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We thought about baking a timeline to a regular clip at runtime (so basically the same as you’d do, just on the fly) but haven’t started any work on that, so for the time being you baking it is the right approach :slightly_smiling_face:

On a similar note… is there a way to have an on click ‘Everywhere Action’ to start a video playing?

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QuickLook on iOS unfortunately doesn’t support video playback (a limitation by Apple, not by us).
What apple is doing for their own 3D models that look like they have videos is to basically have “frame-by-frame” objects that are only visible for one frame, so it looks like a video (but uses a relatively high amount of memory, so good for short gif-like loops but not full videos)

I have a small breakdown of their file on Twitter here, maybe that helps:

This could all be generated automatically from a short video I think, but requires some coding.
@kipash :cactus: if you’re interested I think this could be a nice way of learning about how to extend and modify our Everywhere Actions

Hi… and huge thanks both of you. The advice is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I don’t think the potential solutions will be viable for what I’m working on at the moment (so I’ll probably have to have a bit of a rethink and change of plan for now).

However, I will definitely look into all you’ve suggested at some future juncture as it does indeed sound like a very cool way to learn more! :sunglasses: :rocket: :+1:

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The breakdown of how Apple achieved the look of their promo is tremendous. Thanks for the brilliantly detailed info, it’s absolutely fascinating.

A similar (ish) multiple-mesh concept is also something I unwittingly stumbled upon myself when experimenting with how best to make our (Cartoonfun’s) little Darth Vader diorama a while back.

:link: Can’t Get the Staff

It’s quite a basic project. I wanted to keep it simple as I was just messing around trying stuff out, but to get the 3D ‘extruded Darth’ to look animated I created an individual mesh for each of the keyframe illustrations in Blender then used Unity to keyframe the visibility of each mesh via the ‘mesh renderer enabled/disabled’ property.

There’s no Quicklook version at the link shown above, as Needle’s USDZ Exporter hadn’t yet been rolled out at that point in time . However, now you’ve reminded me about it all (courtesy of the Apple promo breakdown) I might go back and have a look at reworking the Darth project to see if I can implement it :thought_balloon:

Haha, that’s me off down rabbit holes again. Happy days :rofl:

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