Nothing shows up

We’ve been hunting for that bug for a while - could you upload a bug report via the menu item? It seems it’s related to something causing a division by 0 on a scale or position but would be great to check in your scene.

Yep! Just did. Feel free to ask any questions if you feel i can help in solving the bug

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any updates with this issue?

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Hi, which Needle Engine version are you currently using and have you tried updating? There has been an update regarding initialization of rapier a few weeks ago.

just updated to 3.25.0 and same issue. Again, it works locally, but not in production. On first page load i got these errors. On following page loads, i get no errors, but no scene loads

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Hi @Shmoji could you send your scene with a bugreport again please?

Yea will do. I have another scene that works fine btw. It’s specifically this scene with a first person controller. Are there certain things that are paywalled - like if you dont buy license then it wont show in production if using some x paywalled feature?

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We only have very few limitations right now and it will block export if you would hit them and telling you what’s the issue (max animator states, max timeline tracks, just something like that) - so it’s nothing like that here

Thanks for the report - i will take a look on monday! (Didnt get to it anymore today)

any looks?

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Hi, so the first tests dont reproduce in a new vite project so it’s most likely not a mesh or asset issue - but I can’t say for sure yet.

The nextjs project that was included in the bugreport doesnt build unfortunately. Do you think you can isolate the issue in a nextjs project with less dependencies?