Next.js: GameObject.findObjectsOfType() behaving differently in production

Hi! We’re trying to get Needle to work in a Next.js project, but GameObject.findObjectsOfType(MyScript) is not working the way I expect. We have two script files – let’s say MyScript.ts and MyOtherScript.ts. When I call the method above in react it returns a single instance in dev and in when I build it, it returns two.

This leaves all function calls that I have set up to fail in production. Anyone encoutered this before?

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Hi, do you perhaps have two instances of MyScript in your scene somehow in production?

Thanks for getting back to me. The two objects are from two different classes. I can see that when I console log them. But I import MyScript inside MyOtherScript. Maybe this can cause the error?

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So in dev you get only “MyScript” and in prod you get [“MyScript”, “MyOtherScript”] ?


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Can you show the code that is calling the method? with some context?

Sure! I’m calling the method from a function in a React context. Any calls on this script class instance fails in production because setVisible is undefined.


export class MyScript extends Behaviour {
  setVisible(b: boolean) {

```export class MyOtherScript extends Behaviour {
  setShowObject(b: boolean){
    if (this.object) {
        this.object.children[1].visible = b;

**React Context**

‘use client’;
import { createContext, useContext, useEffect } from ‘react’;

import { MyScript } from ‘@/scripts/MyScript’;
import ‘@needle-tools/engine’;
import { GameObject } from ‘@needle-tools/engine’;

const isClient = typeof window !== ‘undefined’;

export const Context = createContext<null | ContextAttributes>(null);

export default function NeedleContext({
src: srcProp,
}: NeedleContextProps) {

useEffect(() => {
async function importCodeGen() {
try {
const codegen = await import(‘…/generated/gen’);
if (srcProp === undefined) {
} catch (e) {


}, [srcProp]);

if (!isClient) return null;

const setVisible = (show: boolean) => {
try {
const script = GameObject.findObjectOfType(MyScript);
} catch (error) {
console.error({ error });


In this example it seems unneccesary to have two script files, but i just simplified it to make it a little clearer.

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Thanks that makes sense - do you think you could send a bugreport with this little example? That would be great to figure out what’s going on here