Needle licensing and branding questions

  • My license was registered inside Unity but the project console still says “non commercial version” and displays the Needle watermark on screen
  • What is the best way to style the loading screen?

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:wave: that would be strange! So inside Unity it correctly shows that you’re licensed?


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Mind sending a bug report with the Needle Engine > Report a bug menu item?

Well of course it works now…it was also happening on a different project and PC…I’ll check there as well.

Any insight on styling the loading screen?

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Hello @BMAN you can style it like this for example:

<needle-engine loading-background-color="#444" loading-text-color="#000000" loading-logo-src="mylogo.png" primary-color="#00ff00" secondary-color="#ff0000"></needle-engine> (make sure to have an active license for that)

or alternatively: <needle-engine loading-style="light"

Cool thanks!

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