How to hide warnings in local builds?

Running with VS Code Live Server, I see these warnings when running a dist offline, is there a way to hide them?

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For this I was running the build as which is what the VS Code live server does by default so I checked all the .js files in the build and replaced"localhost") < 0 with"localhost") < 0 &&"") < 0

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?noerrors is the url parameter to suppress them or call setAllowOverlayMessages to false

Is that just like setAllowOverlayMessages(false) in Start or Awake?

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Just call it in global space :slightly_smiling_face:

To add to the direct answer Marcel already gave :slightly_smiling_face:

We recommend using a local server that actually supports HTTPS, the warning is totally valid (you won’t be able to use WebXR and also networking and other things that require HTTPS)

I believe you can also set up Live Server to use an existing SSL certificate - you can use the one that vite-plugin-mkcert creates on disk, for example