How to disable collision, but keep gravity

im using this.sphereCollider.enabled = false in order to disable a collider. The object has a rigidbody using gravity and a sphere collider. Everything is set correctly and that statement does indeed set enabled to false (based on logs) - but for some reason collision continues happening. Any idea why?

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Can you visualize the colliders in your scene by adding ?showColliders to your url?

hmm didnt see a change after doing that

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Ah sorry it’s ?showcolliders (all lowercase)

Woah that’s a cool tool! So the collider for that object is getting disabled, but gravity is no longer applied. Does there need to be a collider for the rigidbody to apply gravity?

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I’m not sure if I understand what is happening - can you show some screenshots from Unity/the website and maybe a video or live link? :slightly_smiling_face:

think it’s a bit too complex to share. Do you know if there are any sample projects where a collider is working and it is then disabled so the object falls through other objects

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Yep the animated physics sample