How to access values and Data from needle Unity Components from react/Vanilla JS

I want to show some Values that is available in this.context of needle and i want to set some values based on some fields from HTML but dont want to use db to send data from React to needle any suggestion will be nice.

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Hi, super easy :slightly_smiling_face:

You can listen e.g. to the context being registered via:

NeedleEngine.addContextCreatedCallback(args => { args.context .... } );

and then use it to query either components in the scene with the GameObject.findObjectOfType methods or directly access things in the scene or context.

Or you can make things/components static that you know you’re interested in and expose them (via static get Instance() { } in your component, similar to a singleton pattern if you are familiar with that)

Let me know if you need an example (there’s an example (JS Interop) in the sampels too) or you can have a look at Needle-engine - Vite Template (forked) - StackBlitz

i am still confused let say, I want to show how many users have joined in a room I want to show on UI using


other Use case once I click on a button created using HTML button I want to change the Material of a object.

these are some sample scenarios if possible please share the sample script or Example scene where its covered

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Here’s an example on how to get the users in a room: Needle-engine - Access Users in Room from External Code - StackBlitz

it’s inside the main.ts but it would be exactly the same in any js script

Do you already have a reference to the material you want to change? How do you select which object you want to change? There are many ways to do it (get all renderers, get a specific component on the object that you want to change…). What’s your usecase?

Are you more familiar with Unity and C# or with webdev?

i am more familier with C#

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So you can have a component that references a html element on your website and registers on the ClickEvent or you can have a button in javascript directly manipulating materials. That depends a bit on your usecase and what your goal is.

Both ways work

i don’t want to use singleton i want to do it with events, if possible, please share some sample on how to trigger an event from JS and receive it in unity Typescript component,

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Trigger an event from e.g. a HTML button? / Receiving a HTML button click event in a component?


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tried it this way doesn’t work

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Because you dont set the instance? Try setting it in awake() { meetingControls.instance = this; }