How can I incorporate buttons that show more information?

I want to create a digital street in Needle JS where you can click/hover over tiny buttons along the street and itll show a popup that holds information. Included a figma screenshot! The popup should be pretty small, bite-sized info. How can I incorporate this? Is this done with Needle JS? I want the simplest solution to this.

Bascially just want to incorporate information to Needle JS. If there are any web examples that show this

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Hello, do you mean something like this: Discord ?

Yes something like that!

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So you can build UI like that - the UI system is not feature complete, e.g. some anchoring settings are not implemented, we dont have screenspace UI yet, but from the explanation it sounds like you could already do what you need with it :slightly_smiling_face:

For samples you might want to look at these here: Needle Engine Samples
The scenes are available via github to try :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh okay so Needle JS doesnt have support for this UI yet

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You can easily create a component that does that. E.g. on hover or click play an animation that enables your UI, or scales a panel with text from 0 to 1.