Dotween support?

Needle Engie does support Dotween? Is not working for me and i don’t see any errors in console.

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Hi, do you mean the Dotween C# API or something else? We’re not auto-converting C# to TypeScript, so if code doesn’t work that would be expected.

Yes, Dotween Asset. I see, the asset it’s developed in c#

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Yes that would be expected to not work out of the box.

You could instead try to run and install a web tweening library like tween.js @tweenjs/tween.js - npm If you give your Typescript classes the same name as the c# script component then you will get at least the settings from Unity

Here is a small example: Needle Engine Tweenjs Example - StackBlitz

Started writing some more documentation too here: Scripting Introduction | Needle Engine Documentation
Let me know if that helps you

@marcel :cactus: thanks for he info!

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i’ll check

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