Degradation in post processing performance in recent versions?

Has much changed with the post processing pipeline in recent Needle versions? Speaking strcitly about Bloom, I had a scene that in an older Needle version from half a year ago that runs at 60 fps and the new scene runs at 40 fps. This is just a scene with a skybox, a plane with a material on it and bloom turned on so nothing fancy

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We havent made changes to postprocessing - we recently locked the version of the postprocessing package that we use to 6.33.3 (previously it was configured to allow patch updates automatically but this caused some issues with API changes in the package)

Can you check which version the old scene was using? You can check the node_modules folder or package.lock.json

Despite that nothing changes in postprocessing in the Needle Engine side.

For completeness: which engine version are you testing and what was the previous version?

Iā€™ll get the engine versions back to you soon - I think I can just roll the project back to cross ref it and do some builds to show you

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Closing this for now as Iā€™m struggling to reproduce it in older engine versions, I think a client was getting confused with a version I used my own implementation of Post processing in. Post Processing on the web is very expensive to run anyway!

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