Default shadow behavior not working?

Hi, after creating a new project with the latest Needle version, I realized that the light/shadow behavior seems to be not working. In the following screenshot you can see a cube + grid + a capsule, which use the UnityGLTF PBR graph material. All standard, no extra scripts or extra tweaks. Turning the grid off, doesn’t help unfortunately.

Is there anything I’m missing here to get correct light/shadow behavior? :thinking:


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Hey, which Unity and URP version is this?

And does it work if you click “Add Additional Light Data” on the Light?

It’s BuiltIn RP and Unity 2021.3.16, “Add Additional Light Data” doesn’t change anything :confused:

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ill try to repro

Can you check if the light is scaled or something like that? It doesnt reproduce here out of the box :frowning_with_open_mouth:

in this project URP is installed but not used

Unfortunately nothing helps :confused: I moved the grid and the floor box to get rid of the shade, but the weird behavior still persists Oo

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Ah its cut off?

Thatcould be fixed by moving the directional light

If you add the additional light data you can see the gizmo

The threejs shadow map / camera doesnt position itself to be in view automatically unfortunately

aha, ok. so moving the camera during runtime should fix it?

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Yes, you can add a smooth follow to the light for example and disable rotation (the light has internally a camera for the shadowmap so you need to move the directional light to look from the right direction)

ahhhh, now i got it!!! These values must be changed as well, to correctly size the camera :exploding_head:

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that was the main reason, why this was not working

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Yes, you can change them but if you make the resolution huge it will affect performance too

Ok, yes thats not yet as good as in unity

ok, just to sum up: there are now 2 solutions, either change the light shadow data OR move the camera during runtime. :slightly_smiling_face: Thx for your help!!!

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