Android devices animation disabled in AR mode?

all projects made using the blender addon work on the web. but in AR mode the animations are disabled.

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Hello Ramon Xavier, Needle’s Everywhere Actions feature allows you to build interactive experiences across various platforms, including Augmented Reality on iOS. However, certain actions like ‘Play Animation on Click’ may not be fully supported or may behave differently due to QuickLook’s limited set of features available on iOS AR (see the documentation).

If the animations are disabled in AR mode, you may need to adjust the implementation for QuickLook. You can use Everywhere Actions such as ‘Hide on Start’, ‘Set Active on Click’, ‘Play Audio on Click’, or you may need to create your own Everywhere Actions considering the limitations of QuickLook. If you require further assistance with this, I’m here to help with specific technical questions or to suggest possible solutions within those constraints.

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how implement augmented reality on android devices

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To implement augmented reality on Android devices using Needle Engine, there are a few approaches you can consider:

  1. WebXR-Compatible Browsers:

    • Guide users on Android towards WebXR-compatible browsers such as Chrome or Firefox to experience augmented reality scenes on their devices (see the documentation). WebXR is designed to provide VR and AR capabilities directly in web browsers.
  2. Using AR Libraries and Frameworks:

    • You can integrate AR capabilities by utilizing libraries and frameworks such as AR.js and Mind AR, which provide open-source solutions for creating augmented reality experiences. There is also an experimental integration of AR.js by FireDragonGameStudio specifically for Needle Engine (see the documentation).
  3. Image Tracking:

    • With WebXR Image Tracking, which is available for use with Needle Engine, you can enable image tracking for augmented reality experiences. This involves enabling “WebXR Incubations” in Chrome and adding the WebXRImageTracking component. Additionally, you can use libraries like AR.js and Mind AR to add image tracking functionalities to your AR scenes (see the documentation) (see the documentation).

These methods allow you to set up and develop augmented reality experiences using Needle Engine on Android devices. If you require further details on the implementation process for any of these methods, feel free to ask for specific technical guidance.

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Hi, can you check if your WebXR component is on the animated object? If that’s the case try creating a new empty object in your scene and add a WebXR component to it


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the WebXR component was in the 3d object before. i put the component in the empty object and now everything works. but it contains some glitches. sometimes, when you enter AR mode, the 3d object appears before you put it in the scene and when you exit AR mode, the website glitches too.

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Try adding a WebARSessionRoot component on the root object in your scene (as a parent of your scene content)

like this?

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i lost the animation again when i put in the WebARSessionRoot component on empty obj

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I’ve gone back to the previous settings. I’m good for now.

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The WebARSessionRoot must be on a parent object, it defines what part of your scene you want to place in AR

i had put it on the empty object and on the 3d object. both lost their animation

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click the cube to start the animation

But it seems like there’s currently a regression where clicks are not correctly processed - i have to click outside of the cube for some reason. We’re currently working on an update of WebXR which hopefully lands soon in a release version and this update doesnt have the issue with the clicks and animation in AR

any news? i need click outside yet.

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It should be fixed in needle engine 3.32 which is currently in alpha