Adding a Tag to an object from a script

I’m working on a script that changes the ‘tag’ of a game object on collision, but

      // Add the tag "CollidedWithSoloplate" to this object

   // Log the tagging event at the end
   console.log(`Object "${}" has been tagged with 'CollidedWithSoloplate'.`);

this doesn’t seem to be working- am I wrong in assuming this ‘addtag’ method is valid? anyone know of a work around?

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Found a work around@

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Hey :wave:

Where do you import the addTag from?

It seems there isn’t any specific api for tags, you can access the value like this:


Please do tell what work-around did you come up with :slight_smile: :cactus:

this.gameObject.userData.tag = 'CollidedWithSoloplate';

That’s exactly what I used :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad you found it! :+1: