Add functional multi user drag and drop to multi user collab example

I’ve been struggling to add the ability to the multi user collab example to drag in a new GLB file by dragging and dropping such that other users can see it and manipulate it like you can do with the existing example objects built in to the scene.

One of the issues is just working with CORS during development. It would be great to have a stand alone example of setting up a local fastify server with needle tiny storage support (will add a seperate issue for that)

Another issue is adding the drag controls, sync controls etc to objects after they are uploaded so they work like the other built in objects. I am leery of rolling my own solution when there is code in the regular path that is supposed to do this that is labeled as “temporarily disabled”.

So it would be great if the existing multi collab example also showed how to properly implement drag and drop of a GLB into the scene as a fully networked object.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Makes total sense to either bring it back and/or to add an example. It was temporarely removed due to circular reference cleanup but in the meantime you should be able to use the DropListener event to do basically the same that the removed code does