Access InstancedMesh from within component


we’re using GPU Instancing on materials, which is working fine so far. I don’t see an option though to access the InstancedMesh or get the current object’s index from within a component, only that you’re setting __isUsingInstancing as a flag for the gameObject.

How could I access the InstancedMeshRenderer or InstanceHandle from a component attached to the object?

Thank you!

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Out of curiosity (will have to look into the issue), what do you want to do with the mesh?

Rotate it. Or more precisely: Update its matrix

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why do you not just move/rotate the object position/rotation that uses instanced rendering?

@marcel :cactus: That didnt work for me. Are you updating the InstancedMesh matrix when I do that?

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You need to call InstancingUtil.markDirty(yourObject); I think