Using Needle projects inside of a monorepo

e.g. put it into Assets/MyPackages~/MyPackage

Ok makes sense - there might be a bug then. I’ll try to reproduce it

Just to make sure, I don’t want to move the utils package into the unity project

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Yes that’s fine. I’ll take a look at this tomorrow and let you know. It should work with linking to the package from the npmdef

cool thanks, keep me posted :+1:

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Can you try again using the latest version?

yup will do

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still getting the error

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Can you send me the npmdef asset ?


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This seems to be a new issue in 2022.3 - im getting the warning flood as well in later versions now.

@herbst​:cactus: Hallo Felix, hatte Dir ein Mail in Twitter (neuerdings X :slightly_smiling_face: geschrieben, weiß nicht, ob Du das noch benutzt. Die für mich wichtige Frage war, ob ich Deinen mofifizierten USDZ-Exporter für mein Projekt nutzen kann…
Grüße, Max Eichner

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Hey, falscher Channel, schick mir gerne ne DM oder mach ne neue Frage in #needle-engine-questions auf - danke

Hello @Alex Gomes could you update to 3.22.3 and try it again? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

will try now

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Maybe I’m doing something wrong

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  • Create ExternalPackages in Assets/
  • Create NPM Definition (Link to external packaged)
  • Select typescript package “utils” from monorepo in finder
  • Rename New NpmDef to Utils
  • Install in Project “Needle/new project”

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Have you tried removing it and adding it again in ExportInfo? Can you check the dependencies array above?