Trying to add terrain into my showcase

Hi! I am trying to implement an old project of mine and showcase it using the needle engine. Almost everything was added into my server except my terrain. How can I add my terrain into the server and if I cannot, what would be other ways that can be similar to what I am trying to do?

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Hi! You can bake the terrain to a mesh and then it should work

I tried to do it and done some research. The only way to do that is through the asset store? Just want to make sure.

by user 214881510170296321

I think there’s a number of free scripts as well, just found GitHub - jinsek/MightyTerrainMesh: A Unity Plugin for Converting Terrain 2 Mesh & Terrain 2 Data for Runtime Virtual Texture.
Hope that helps!
We don’t support terrains with all their bells and whistles out of the box right now, so conversion is required