Our customer needs the same experience for 30 on-screen-UI languages

Is there already a workflow to have both user language specific texts as well as country specific data used by a needle bundle?

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Hello Thomas,

To create a workflow for user language-specific texts and country-specific data in a Needle bundle, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Develop a system to load and apply localization data for UI texts based on user language. This involves setting up a localization system within your components.
  2. Implement a way to load country-specific data, which could include separate assets and configuration files that are loaded dynamically based on user location or settings.
  3. Use conditional loading and rendering logic within your components to switch between different datasets based on the locale.

In a Needle Engine project, you would do this using custom scripts and components written in TypeScript, and you can integrate with external libraries that support dynamic data loading and localization.

Remember, although Needle Engine is built on top of Three.js, it does not compile existing C# code to Web Assembly (see the documentation). Your TypeScript scripts should handle localization by interacting with Needle Engine’s component system and asset management features.

Lastly, make sure to refer to documentation specific to localization within web environments and Three.js for any additional functionality you might require, as the techniques would apply to Needle Engine as well.

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To be more specific, does this also work for Everywhere Actions to run on AR Quick Look?

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Yes, Thomas, the Everywhere Actions in Needle Engine do indeed work for AR Quick Look on iOS. This allows you to create interactive experiences using selected components without writing code, including support for Augmented Reality on iOS devices (see the documentation).

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Yep, you can use any js/npm package for localization or roll your own. Texts can be updated dynamically at runtime too.
A simple approach is just shipping translations in JSON and switching between them at runtime - another case where I agree a sample makes sense

And also yes, the dynamic texts are exported to USDZ as well as proper Preliminary_Text

So, I end up with up to 30 USDZ files or is it dynamically generated?

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No, of course not :sweat_smile:
USDZ files are generated on the edge - right on the users device - so you get exactly the current scene state

So if in the browser the user has switched to Chinese (or you have switched automatically for them) that’s what you get in the USDZ

I’ll make a note to add an localization sample.

https://app.songsofcultures.com/ is an example of a Needle project using a CMS inside Unity which is exported to the web and applied dynamically to HTML elements (could also be 3D text but not used here)

I would like to build a similar CMS inside Blender

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