No longer any Anti Aliasing, and I can't get it back

I have no idea when it happened, but now I can’t get any AA in my renderer. Are there any good ways to debug this?

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Hello SteffenMFureli,

When debugging issues related to anti-aliasing (AA) not working in Needle Engine’s renderer, you can check several aspects:

  1. Inspect Renderer Settings: Make sure that anti-aliasing is enabled for your renderer. You may want to look at your camera or renderer setup to confirm that AA is set to an active state.

  2. Check for Post Processing Effects: If you’re using postprocessing effects, it’s crucial to confirm that they are appropriately configured since certain effects or their ordering might disable or interfere with AA.

  3. Examine Material Properties: Sometimes, material settings can affect the appearance of aliasing. Verify that these settings are correct.

  4. View the Console for Errors: Review any console errors or warnings that might point to configuration issues or other problems that could be affecting rendering.

  5. Utilize Query Parameters: To get performance information including renderer details, append the ?stats URL parameter when running your Needle Engine application.

  6. Update Needle Engine: If you suspect a bug or a version-related issue, make sure Needle Engine is updated to the latest version using Unity’s Package Manager.

  7. Review Documentation: Go through the relevant sections in the documentation, which can be found at the Needle Engine Docs website, specifically the How to Debug section for more insights into debugging issues.

If none of these steps resolves the issue, consider simplifying your scene to the most basic setup where AA should work and then incrementally add elements back to identify what may be causing the problem.

If you have code or configuration settings you want me to review, feel free to share them, and I’ll do my best to assist you further.

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I have tried all of the above but I still se weird artifacts I think are related to AA

I refer to the strange ovals on the wall and fireplace

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Hi @SteffenMFureli this looks more like a light shadow bias issue to me

I agree, but the values sent from Unity should prevent this from happening.
Is there an easy way to access the runtime values from the lights?

Use terminal with findobjectoftype?

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You can get the light component (getComponent(Light) and modify those values yes

Which settings do you have in Unity? Does it also appear in the scene you sent in the bugreport?