Live Editor material smoothness reversed

When editing a material’s smoothness on Unity, the value is reversed on the web export (more smoothness makes it more mat, but would normally make it more shiny).
I need to stop the server and reload it in order to get the smoothness right. :wink:

Tested on 2.67.10-pre / Editor 1.9.3

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You can change the editorId in the browser url too to reset changes without having to restart.

Normally the smoothness should already be handled correctly. What’s the name of your shader property?

Oh and what is Editor 1.9.3? Latest EditorSync is 1.5.2 :sweat_smile:

Oops ! I misread with the Component Generator. :sweat_smile: Yes version 1.5.2.
I’m using the URP/Lit shader for my materials.

by user 615280976855171083

In which Unity Editor version / which URP version?

Unity 2021.3.18f1, URP 12.1.10

by user 615280976855171083