Is there any proper way of writing typescript as OOP like in C#

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How should I write in typescript to generate such c# script in needleengine?

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class BoardArea
public Transform transform;
public string name;

public BoardArea(Transform transform, string name)
    this.transform = transform; = name;


public class MoveManager : MonoBehaviour
List boardAreas = new List();

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Its almost that code here :wink:

What u ask here

What else do you need?

so that class BoardArea consists not just one string then a Transform too.
I wrote it like
export class BoardArea
public Areatransform!: Object3D;
public AreaName!: string;

constructor(transform: Object3D, name: string)
this.Areatransform = transform;
this.AreaName = name;

for a class in typescript and monobehaviour class for a container of custom class.
public BoardAreaList: BoardArea=;

but after build, the generated c# version of converted code, the container variable (List of custom classes) is commented out. and it’s showing on debug that this array is empty even if i push classes to the container after generating them .

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It doesnt generate new classes that are not monobehaviours for you. You need to add this class now somewhere in your c# code.

and should I add BoardArea class as Monobehaviour and attach as a component on some gameobject? or just writing it as public class in c# Asset/something.cs is okay?

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Just a public class

Is fine

okay I’ll try that thanks!

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If… the component compiler doesnt pick it up immediately and still comments it out you can either restart unity (the reason is we generate a file for all c# types in your project but not all the time - every few minutes or if a player assemly changes)
Or you can annotate the c# type in your typescript file that you want (see component compiler docs) with a comment above the typescript field//@type YourNamespace.Classname (just an option)

Can i import BoardArea class after I wrote in BoardArea.cs somewhere in Asset Folder,
import { BoardArea} from β€œAssts/BoardArea.cs”; (somethin like this)
just like importing class BoardArea in typescript?

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or does it works only with npm to import things exnernal ?

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Here is what I found for you :brain: Discord