How do you switch to a template when starting from a sample scene?

This is not correct


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you are copying your asset folder

:slightly_smiling_face: so the files are copied in your new folder but they’re not a template

@ROBYER1 so what you were actually trying to do is create a new template for react?

Okay, the only templates then are Vite and React-three-fiber, is there a React template somewhere I can copy

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Just to understand what your goal was here


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… please explain what you’re actually doing better at the beginning of your posts :wink:

Lots of guesswork otherwise

Sorry :sweat_smile:

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I hope I did I put “I want to switch from Vite + HTML to Vite + React when I started with a sample scene”

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I think both Marcel and me assumed you meant the react-three-fiber template that is already there.

Creating a new template for projects also means that of course you need to specify what goes into that template, e.g. what package.json, package dependencies, base HTML + CSS, … all things you skipped :smile:

The docs mention Vite + React so I was digging around for it

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you basically told the project generator to copy your entire Assets folder as a new template

I see what I did there was very silly :sweat_smile: I got in a muddle following this

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into the folder you want to use as a template
You put it into Assets so that was used as template and copied over :wink:

But right, that docs section is “under construction” as mentioned.

For sure, I understand, will probably go figure out how to add React and everything in by going through the bits I missed jumping in with the starter project

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