Exported Bug Reports do not include .bin file with GLTF + Separate files

Same as title, bin files aren’t included in bug report projects, I have a repro if needed

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Using UnityGLTF importer

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@herbst🌵 Have you noticed this also? I have a minimal repro or just any gltf+separate file

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I’ll try, it’s not intentional

@marcel :cactus: is this on your radar? Using the export as bug report to separate out a large project from another one soon and the lack of gltf+bin separate files exporting is causing issues for that and bug reports I make

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We’re using Unity’s scene dependencies api to get files that should be included in reports

So if something is missing it would mean they’re not properly connected

Not sure if this is something the importer is missing?

You are using the bug reporter to split projects? haha

I’ll take that as a compliment then :smile:

Oh that could actually be that the dependency is not properly registered. I’ll open an issue about that

yup reproduces here - bin file is missing

I had a project full of demo projects but as one grew I though I should use the bug reporter to just ping it out with everything it needed as the bug reporter is seriously good :heart:

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Just been affecting me with bug reports I send to you guys as I sometimes forget the bin is missing

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The dependencies are written in the json that is inside the report scene_dependencies.json

Hi Rob, changed the bug reporter for the next version - it will assume a bin file next to the gltf file with the same name (e.g. myGltf.gltf + myGltf.bin) to be as dependency and include it in the report (until the asset dependency is properly registered)