Example of touch start event?

I was at one point considering doing my own version of WebXR Viewer published as an IOS app from the source on github but branded as a client app that accesses the client’s web only. I wonder how feasible that is as an option for IOS if a client wanted an ‘app’ that is just a branded browser to access just their WebXR experience.

That would also allow me to add some of those non-standardized apis such as Image Anchors etc for specific uses

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And potentially as an Android app too but I never looked that far

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has excellent comments such as

unclear is this is how this should work now

Not updated since 2020… wow!

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Thought you’re aware! That’s the problem with that viewer: Mozilla disbanded the team in 2020 and nobody is maintaining it, it’s just “there”

Just sucks it’s the only option I have on iOS for clients who always have iPhones :sob: almost nobody ever has android the whole time I have been making AR apps for clients since 2016

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Haha so many good comments and commits

add old visions samples. They do not work

I have some feedback about 2.51.0-pre here on this https://github.com/needle-tools/needle-engine-support/issues/118#issuecomment-1340993819

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Thanks - I suspect the camera is not the correct one when in XR, will try if that’s the case

Reproduces on android already too

I wonder why it is grabbing the wrong camera suddenly?

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I dont think we have a case anywhere else where we grab the touch to convert it to a ray or something similar.

The AR touches are really WebXRControllers internally right now

I see, glad the repro project helped, I will stay on 2.50.0-pre for now while working on Touch AR Controls

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But in 2.50 it works?

Only my custom version of screenPointToRay works with 2.50.0-pre in Mozilla WebXR on IOS due to me using a custom version of convertScreenspaceToRaycastSpace to grab the window.innerWidth instead of this.context.domWidth

convertScreenspaceToRaycastSpace(vec2: Vec2) {
    vec2.x = (vec2.x - this.context.domX) / window.innerWidth * 2 - 1;
    vec2.y = -((vec2.y - this.context.domY) / window.innerHeight) * 2 + 1;

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The moment I update to 2.51.0-pre even while still using that custom screenPointToRay , it doesn’t work anymore so I assume it is grabbing the wrong camera as you said

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That has been changed in 2.51.0 tho :thinking:


I mean I am still using the custom local function versions though and those somehow don’t work in 2.51.0 when they worked in 2.50.0, I did see you updated it in 2.51.0

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