Child Renderer offset when Rigidbody is enabled

Somehow my child gameobject (child[0]) get’s moved when the parent empty has a rigidbody component enabled.

A couple of things I already tried without effect:

  • setting the rigidbody to kinematic
  • resetting the position of the renderer via code
  • disabling gpu instancing on the material
  • removing the second (sphere) collider

so far it only makes a difference if I remove the rigidbody on the parent gameobject.

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on further inspection it seems related to offset of the box collider component.
Here I tried adding a cube with a boxcollider to the rigidbody.
If the boxcollider offset is (0,0,0) it’s at the right place, but if the boxcollider offset is (0,0,-1) you can notice a significant displacement (see screenshot)

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For now I will just seperate the collider from the renderer - this should still be looked at nonetheless. :slightly_smiling_face: :wave:

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  1. You enable the rigidbody at runtime
  2. or it happens when the rigidbody is on the parent with the child boxcollider + offset (0,0,-1) ?
  1. this happens with rigid bodies active during build time. Doesn’t matter if spawned or as part of the regular scene.
  2. yes, the setup is an empty parent with a rigid body and a child with a box collider and a renderer. The offset is not set on the transform but on the box collider component.

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Doesn’t seem to affect sphere collider offsets in the same way.

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Seems to be related to the rotation of the Rigidbody where the offset happens in the wrong direction. Thanks

It should be fixed in the next release