Best practice to teleport an object

Maybe useful

Not sure what’s different for you honestly. Except the local position teleport argument

What I am looking for is transform.forward which is SUPER useful in this position…

    update(): void {
        let rotation = getWorldRotation(this.gameObject);
        Gizmos.DrawLine(this.gameObject.position, rotation.normalize().add(this.gameObject.position));

any idea how to fix it? Haven’t dealt with vector mathematics since the University haha

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I am trying to draw a line from transofrm.position to transform.forward

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I think you just need Gizmos.DrawDirection(<pos>, new Vector3(0,0,1))

I need it towards transform.forward not vector3.forward :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unlike Vector3.forward, Transform.forward moves the GameObject while also considering its rotation.

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new Vector3(0,0,1).applyQuaternion(this.gameObject.worldQuaternion); (just updated with the world data api)

Ah we already also have forward(this.gameObject) that you can import (import { forward } ...). Might also be something useful to add to Object3D

I tried this

    update(): void {
        let endpos = forward(this.gameObject).multiplyScalar(100);
        Gizmos.DrawLine(this.gameObject.position, endpos,;
the lines seem very weird and not at all to the forward direction as in the editor

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Is this.gameObject parented to something: use this.gameObject.worldPosition
DrawLine draws a line between two points but you do calculate a forward vector here by calling forward. You need to either add the worldPosition to it again if u use DrawLine or you need to call Gizmos.DrawDirection with the forward (endpos) vector

        let direction = forward(this.gameObject)
        Gizmos.DrawDirection(this.gameObject.worldPosition, direction,;

your gizmos worked :ok_hand:

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unfortunately i couldnt get the rotation to work, ill give it up for now :confused:
The method that worked for you failed for me.

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is there a way to get forward in world space…?

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found it, its getWorldDirection with no second argument.

This did not help either, this code

setWorldRotation(!, getWorldDirection(this.gameObject))

doesnt work either

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Can you post your full script again? Im out for today but can try to help again tomorrow or monday :wink:


import { Behaviour, Rigidbody, getWorldPosition, serializable } from "@needle-tools/engine"

export class TeleportPoint extends Behaviour {

    /** The object to move on teleport */
    @serializable(Rigidbody) objectToTeleport?: Rigidbody;

    public teleport(){
        // teleport

        // rotate
        // TODO. this not working:
        // let rotation = getWorldRotation(this.gameObject);
        // setWorldRotation(this.objectToTeleport!.gameObject, rotation)


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Maybe you can try to update and then use these methods?