Activate and deactivate object on mobile detection

so any way to solve this ?

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Is the video player on a component that is disabled in the editor?

Can you potentialyl disable the play on awake and call Play from the spatial trigger?

the object that has video player is active in the editor

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how to play from spatial trigger ?

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try this configuration (You can have the components on other objects)

ok let me try

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it is working now, kinda laggy, and also at starts the art inside the frame looks transparent, so it takes some mini second to actually start the video till then the art is transparent.

please check on your side

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You could actually put behind the screen a plane with a texture of the first frame. You would have to do that for every video.

Other variant is more code, and after first registered tap, it would play pause all videos to “wake them up” could be even worse.

I do not have experience with optimizing this, so sorry for not being able to give more advice.

It still sometimes doesn’t play.
On android Firefox and chrome.

its ok :slightly_smiling_face:

btw in the team section there are team images(objects) how can we click on each teammate and go to their twitter ir whatever link provide in the script?

so basically a script for every teammate, when the object is clecked takes to respective profiles of each teammate

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ohh i see, Ig I have to move forward with whatever it is on mobile

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There is OpenURL component , try that :slight_smile:

that was sooooooo easy :grin: :saluting_face:

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one last question

by any chance can we change this website name in window tab? for free version ?

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Needle by default creates a vite project and that’s for you to maintain and adjust.

You can start editing that by opening the workspace on the exportinfo component.

There should be an index.html

The name is usually tied to the scene name as well.

in the index.html ?

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or unity

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i think u mean unity

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